“Of course. That goes without saying.” – Miep Gies

We talked at dinner last night about our experience at the Anne Frank house, about how dark and claustrophobic (Alexander’s word) and confining and frightening it must have been for its inhabitants during the occupation. And we talked about the helpers, who endangered their own lives to aid the families in hiding. I asked if the boys recalled what Miep Gies had said when Otto Frank asked if she would be willing to help his family go into hiding, to keep them provided with food and the necessities of life. William remembered exactly. “She said of course. And then she said, ‘It goes without saying.'” Her words had made an impression on me, & I was really pleased to see that William had noted them so well. Of course. It goes without saying. May we and our children have that kind of moral courage and clarity to draw on in our lives. They are all too rare, as history shows us.


2 thoughts on ““Of course. That goes without saying.” – Miep Gies

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